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Update on Hip Resurfacing in 2020 - Zoom Webinar

Dr. Su speaks to patients using Zoom, talking about the potential advantages of hip resurfacing, providing updated results, and looking towards the future.

Causes of Hip Arthritis and When to have surgery

Dr. Su gives a comprehensive lecture about hip resurfacing to a gathering of patients in California, March 2013.

Why Resurface vs. Total Hip Replacement

Advantages of Hip Resurfacing

Surgical Technique and Post-op Recovery

Results of Hip Resurfacing

Women and Resurfacing, and Questions and Answer session with patients

Mark Baer 4 weeks post op Hip Resurfacing by Dr. Su

Mark Baer 8 weeks post op Hip Resurfacing by Dr. Su.

Vince DePalma had bilateral hip resurfacing by Dr. Su.

Spinning hip resurfacing

This video demonstrates the low friction surfaces of a well-made metal on metal hip resurfacing implant