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Surgical FAQ

Q. Are there different sizes of implants? How is this determined?

A. Yes, there are many different sizes of implants, all of which are available for each surgical procedure. The proper size is determined by measuring your hip bones at the time of surgery. At present time (November 2008), the Biomet Recap, Smith and Nephew BHR, and Wright Medical Conserve Plus all have the same number of sizes available.

Q. I read that Dr. Su uses a special technique to retain the hip capsule; why?

A. He uses a technique called "neck-capsule preservation", which he learned from Dr. Vijay Bose. This is a way to cut the hip capsule along the femoral head in order to preserve a cuff of capsule along the femoral neck. By so doing, the retinacular blood supply along the femoral neck can be saved; this may help avoid loosening of the femoral implant, avascular necrosis, or femoral neck fracture.

Additionally, the neck-capsule preservation technique allows for a good closure of the tissue around the hip joint, which may help joint stability post-operatively.

Q. What does Dr. Su do differently to achieve good results?

A. Dr. Su has traveled worldwide to learn the techniques of many experienced surgeons, incorporating what he has learned into his own surgical procedure. He also is involved in research focused on the critical analysis of results and thus is continually striving for improving outcomes.

Q. How are bone cysts handled at the time of surgery?

A. Bone cysts are cleaned out thoroughly and filled with bone cement, providing for excellent immediate fixation.

Q. Is there a possibility that I will wake up with a total hip replacement?

A. Yes, there is always a small possibility that a hip resurfacing will not be feasible because of poor bone quality or structural deficiencies. If this is the case, then a total hip replacement would be better becasue it gets anchored into more supportive bone in thigh.

Q. If I get a total hip replacement, what kind of implant will I end up with?

A. Generally, if a hip resurfacing is not possible, a total hip replacement with a large diameter metal ball would be performed.